Yacht Management

Our Yacht Management provides a full range of internal services, specific to the operational and technical requirements of the yacht and the customer.

The captains are true professionals, with in depth knowledge of all aspects of their job; they manage diverse actions related to the optimal operation of the boat, the upmost respect for the safety of the people on board, regulations and the owners’ will.

However, the captain is a single person and it can be a challenge to manage everything at the same time.

With the proliferation of laws regulating the maritime domain – affecting the social, technical and economic aspects – using a management company for your yacht has become a necessity. A management company is a great way to have important and fundamental information in a safe and efficient way. As well as providing support to the captain; it is also an undeniable ally for the owner, ensuring peace-of-mind whilst saving money and unnecessary stress. The management company is there to facilitate the operations of your captain, to allow you to undergo maintenance/refit at the best price, alleviating the stresses and problems and ensuring your ship is just pleasure, fun and relaxation.

Our services being tailor-made, by choosing CSO Yachts you can choose either one or all of the services.

If you wish to know more about Yacht Management, contact us in order to send you a detailed brochure of each point listed above.




CSO Yachts yacht management services comprehend:

– The preparation of budgets, accounts and reports
– The facilitation of the operations of your Yacht (provisions, berths, itinerary)
– The supervision of the technical aspects associated with shipyards, maintenance and security
– The support of the crew and their management
– The management of certifications and insurance follow-up

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