Longueur : 15,80 m - 2 cabines

  • Chantier : George Lawley & Sons
  • Année de construction : 1930
  • Année de rénovation : 2007
  • 390 000 €


Jour de Fête is optimised for racing, and systems
have been kept to a minimum for reasons of weight.
She is set up for day cruising and racing.
Jour de Fête was built as FALCON in 1930 at the renowned yard of George Lawley and Sons, South Boston, to designs by the great Frank Paine, long -time associate of Starling Burgess, and one of the main stays of E. Coast yacht designing. Her name was later changed to HAYDAY, and then later back to FALCON.
The Q class were a long lived class, the first one being launched in 1909, and the last in 1938. They are particularly interesting in that they are the first class to be built under the Universal Rule, which goes back to 1900 under the design genius of N.G. Herreshoff. The original boats were of course gaff-rigged, but from the mid ‘20’s on, they were longer overall, and Marconi rigged.
The then FALCON was completely re-built by the renowned classic yacht restorer John Anderson, an English shipwright base in Maine, USA, finishing the job in 2007. He has been responsible for several high profile restorations of both ‘Q’ and ‘P’ class boats.
It was when she was purchased by the current owner and imported into France in 2011 that FALCON became JOUR DE FÊTE, the VAT was paid, and her flag became French. For six years she campaigned very successfully in the Mediterranean regatta circuit, earning a name for herself for her immaculate level of maintenance and her outstanding beauty on the water, as well as her ability to win. Now for sale, JOUR DE FÊTE is ready to take on the opposition once again.



  • Chantier : George Lawley & Sons
  • Année de construction : 1930
  • Année de rénovation : 2007


  • Longueur : 15,80 m (51,82 ft)
  • Largeur : 2,80 m (9,18 ft)
  • Tirant d’eau : 2,13 m (6,99 ft)


  • 1 x 30 hp
  • Lombardini
  • Vitesse de croisière : 7 nœuds
  • Vitesse maximum : 8 nœuds


  • Nombre d’invités : 4
  • Nombre de cabines : 2
  • Cabines double : -
  • Cabines lit jumeaux : 2
  • Stabilisateurs de croisière : no
  • Stabilisateurs à l’ancre : no
  • Jacuzzi : no
  • Équipement de gym/sport : no
  • Nombre d’équipage : -
  • Consommation de fuel : -
  • Matériaux de construction : Wood
  • Position du yacht : Marseille


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